14 November 2015

One More Gaming Project: Fall-In Report: Happy Birthday General Grant by GA...

An excellent battle report from our correspondent at the Fall In event last weekend. Chris Palmer describes the strange events that took place on one day in the American Civil War.

One More Gaming Project: Fall-In Report: Happy Birthday General Grant by GA...:   Friday night at Fall-In I ran my "Happy Birthday General Grant by GASLIGHT" game, using 25mm figures and GASLIGHT rules.   I had...

06 November 2015

Construction Begins

   I picked up two laser-cut MDF buildings from the Gaslamp Alley line at Historicon last summer. One terraced house and one terraced shop. I punched out the terraced house and primed it a couple of weeks ago. Dry-fitting it left me reasonably impressed with the quality of the stuff.

   And then I stalled out.

   But I purchased some lovely brick-red craft paint in two tones yesterday at Hobby Lobby, and a stiff stencil brush. The plan is to paint the lighter tone on each brick, leaving the black lines between bricks as grimy mortar. Then, using the stencil brush, I will stipple in some pattern of the darker tone over each brick. I used the same technique (on a grander scale) when I made sets in high school and college for the theater. It worked pretty well then.

  I also bought some scrapbooking paper to put on the insides as wallpaper and flooring. Might save myself a few minutes of time that way, what? White wooden trim, of course. The door? I was thinking a nice green on the house. Perhaps blue for the shop when I get to it.

   I will take a few photos as I go along, and post them soon-ish.

05 November 2015

Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember
The Fifth of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot!
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot!

24 September 2015

By Jove! That's a Lot of Peelers!

   I finally finished these thirteen Bobbies and their associated infernium hound from the Empire of the Dead Kickstarter. So, now I have a force of flat-feet to harass Adventuring Companies and other ne'er-do-wells on the streets of Ol' Blighty! 

18 September 2015

Gorillas in the Gunsmoke

This here is Cactus Joe, a Gorilla Gunslinger. He's a crazy wild west mutant ape, armed with a pair of Colonel Colt's finest revolvers. He also wears a serape and chews a cigar. I like him.

But is he maybe too off the wall? Is that even possible in VSF? 

First thought is he could be used for one of Vardu's mutated minions. I definitely need to add to that group. I can't even really field a decent IHMN Company for him yet. Joe's actually more in period than good ol' Ape-X, who is currently dedicated as the evil scientist's bodyguard. This fellow might be more suitable.

Oh, and if you like Cactus Joe, you can get him here.